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If you are concerned about protecting your beneficiaries inheritance, have vulnerable beneficiaries, or are just worried about care fees and want to ensure that your life's work is passed on to your loved ones, don't hesitate to contact us for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation.     

Why do I need a Trust?

None of us know what the future holds so it is impossible to know the circumstances of your beneficiaries when they eventually inherit. Trusts can help you minimise your Inheritance Tax burden, protect your beneficiaries against care home fees, divorce proceedings, bankruptcy, other creditors, ensure your ultimate beneficiaries' inheritance isn't diluted, and protect and provide for other loved ones such as a vulnerable person, an unmarried partner, children from a previous marriage or step-children.

Create a Life-Interest Trust to allow your partner a right to occupy and/or benefit from your property until it passes to the ultimate beneficiaries such as your children or grandchildren. 

Create a Property Protection Trust so that if your partner remarries after the you have passed, your own children don't lose out on their inheritance. Even if your partner just cohabits with someone else after you pass away your children's inheritance may be diluted or even disappear.  

A Property Protection Trust allows you to leave your share of your property to your children whilst also allowing your partner to to continue living in or benefiting from the property for the rest of their life. This ensures that the property that you own passes down to your chosen beneficiaries and can't be taken by the local authority after you have passed. 

If your beneficiary divorces after you pass then half of the inheritance could pass to their spouse. Likewise if your beneficiary became bankrupt after you passed the inheritance could fall into the hands of the official receiver.  Leaving the assets in Trust allows you to ring fence the assets and name the people to benefit from the Trust without them actually owning the asset which will protect them from future care home fees. 

Naming a trustee to manage the inheritance for a vulnerable beneficiaries saves the costly expense of appointing a deputy to manage the financial affairs. A Trust can allow you to drip feed the inheritance to a vulnerable person who may not be able to manage their own affairs, such as some disabled people, or anyone suffering from alcohol or substance abuse and it can also prevent a disabled beneficiary from losing their benefits.  

By placing assets in Trust they do not form part of the beneficiaries estate, which allows them to pass to the next generation without attracting further inheritance tax charges. 

Contact us today to discuss how you could benefit form a Trust in your Will.

Mrs T.E. London

“When making my will my anxiety levels shot through the roof however I think I struck lucky with this guy, he made the whole process manageable and I started to feel confident and on top of what I was doing. Nothing was too much and their patience and expertise was amazing. Thank you so much Dan for the understanding and kindness you communicated throughout this whole process. I would highly recommend this service to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mrs A. Stevenage

"I found Family Money Savers very helpful everything was explained fully and clearly understandable. It was also done in a professional way we would recommend them
Thank you Dan for your work on our behalf"

Mr & Mrs H. Haverhill

“We did our Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys with Family Money Savers Ltd they made a very complicated looking job very easy by explaining everything very clearly and being very patient as we took so long to do everything, I highly recommend this company”
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