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Last Will and Testament

If you die without a Will in place your estate could be frozen at Probate leaving your dependents unable to access the money they need on a day to day basis. Without a Will your estate will be divided according the Laws of Intestacy meaning that it won't necessarily be distributed according to your wishes. In some circumstances it could all go to the state! Despite this it's estimated that around two thirds of the population haven't written their Will. 

Why do I need a Will?

Irrespective of your individual circumstances, desires and needs, having a Will in place makes the Probate process quicker and easier for your loved ones. Having written a Will, you choose who deals with your Estate on your death, who inherits what, and you can prevent someone you don't want to inherit benefitting form your Will. 

Protect your Spouse

Most people assume that if they die their estate will automatically pass to their Spouse, but this isn't necessarily the case. Part of the estate may be split with any children, including any from previous relationships, and your estate could be open to claims from any former spouse, children, biological, adopted, or step children maintained as your own as well any one financially dependent on you at the time of your death. Start the process today to ensure your estate is divided as per your wishes and protect your spouse. 

Protect your Partner

Under the Laws of Intestacy unmarried partners are not entitled to benefit from your estate which could leave your partner with no rights to remain in their home, and no access to funds they need to live on a day to day basis. Today was once tomorrow, do no delay, start the process today to protect your partner. 

Protect Your Children

A Will allows you to not only name Guardians for children under 18, but also to leave instructions as to how you would like them brought up, and even allows you to decide at what age you would like them to inherit. Without a Will your children could become wards of the court and their destiny could be the hands of social services - this is too great a risk - start the process of writing your Will today. 

Protect your Asests

Whether you would like your estate going to family, friends, charity or to look after a pet, whatever your desires and needs having a Will in place will ensure that your estate is distributed as per your wishes. Start the process today. 

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