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Lasting Power of Attorney

If you were unable to make decisions for yourself due to illness, dementia, stroke who would you want to make decisions for you? Many people think that a Lasting Power of Attorney is only appropriate as we reach an advanced age, but what would happen if you had an accident and were in a coma? Are you aware that Joint Bank accounts could be frozen? Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to decide who will make important decisions regarding both your Health and Welfare, and Financial Affairs in the event you are unable to

Couple in Nature

Health and Welfare

From day to day decisions regarding your dress, diet and daily routine through to end of life decisions a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to choose the person or people to make these decisions on your behalf. 

Couple in Nature
Grandmother and Granddaughter

Property and Financial Affairs

As well as making important decisions regarding your property and finances, a Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney will allow someone to act on your behalf not only for the big things like selling a house, but also for day to day affairs such as speaking to the bank or claiming benefits. 

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