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Last Will and Testament

Who do you trust to look after your affairs when you pass way?  Don't leave it to chance, name the person or people you trust to manage your affairs after you've gone.    

Who would you like to inherit and how would you like your assets splitting up?  Without a Will your estate will be divided according to the Laws of Intestacy meaning that it won't necessarily be distributed according to your wishes - In some circumstances it could all go to the state!  

Are your family depending on you?  If you die without a Will in place your estate could be frozen at Probate leaving your dependents unable to access the money they need on a day to day basis.

Despite this, it's estimated that around two thirds of the population haven't written their Will, so If sorting out your Will is something you have been meaning to do, but not got around to yet, you're not alone. For free, confidential, no obligation advice call us today  

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Why do I need a Will?

Irrespective of your individual circumstances, desires and needs, having a Will in place makes the Probate process quicker and easier for your loved ones. Having written a Will, you choose who deals with your Estate on your death, who inherits what, and you can prevent someone you don't want to inherit from benefiting from your Will. 

Protect your Spouse or Partner

Most people assume that if they die their estate will automatically pass to their spouse or partner, but this isn't necessarily the case. Under the Laws of Intestacy, unmarried partners aren't entitled to benefit from your estate which could leave your partner with no rights to remain in their home, and no access to funds they need to live on a day to day basis.


If you are married then part of the estate may be split with any children, including from any previous relationships, and your estate could be open to claims from any former spouse, children, biological, adopted, or step children maintained as your own, as well any one financially dependent on you at the time of your death. 


Protect your spouse or partner. Start the process today to ensure your estate is divided as per your wishes. 

Protect Your Children

Did you know that your Will allows you to name Guardians for children under 18, and that your Will allows you to leave instructions as to how you would like your children brought up; Your Will even allows you to decide at what age you would like them to inherit. Without a Will your children could become wards of the court and their destiny could be the hands of social services - this is too great a risk for any parent - start the process of writing your Will today. 

Protect your Asests

Don't let your hard earned life's work end up the wrong hands.  Whether you would like your estate going to specific family members, friends, charity or to look after a pet, whatever your desires and needs, having a Will in place will ensure that your estate is distributed as per your wishes. Start the process today. 

Provide for a vulnerable beneficiary

Protect vulnerable beneficiaries who may not be able to manage their inheritance themselves.  By nominating your trustees in your Will you avoid the long and costly process of appointing a deputy to manage their financial affairs.  Ring-fence the assets of your estate by creating a Will based trust to protect your loved ones from losing any means tested benefits that they may be entitled to. 

Mrs T.E. London

“When making my will my anxiety levels shot through the roof however I think I struck lucky with FMS Wills and Estate Planning, they made the whole process manageable and I started to feel confident and on top of what I was doing. Nothing was too much and their patience and expertise was amazing. Thank you so much FMS Wills and Estate Planning for the understanding and kindness you communicated throughout this whole process. I would highly recommend this service to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mrs A. Stevenage

"I found Family Money Savers very helpful everything was explained fully and clearly understandable. It was also done in a professional way we would recommend them
Thank you FMS Wills and Estate Planning for your work on our behalf"

Mr & Mrs H. Haverhill

“We did our Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys with Family Money Savers Ltd they made a very complicated looking job very easy by explaining everything very clearly and being very patient as we took so long to do everything, I highly recommend this company”
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