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How to sign your Will

For your Will to be valid it must be executed correctly.  This means that it must be signed and dated by you the testator in the presence of two witnesses.  Failure to execute the Will correctly can make your Will invalid.  If your Will is invalid then your estate will be distributed as per the Laws of Intestacy, your chosen beneficiaries may miss out on their inheritance, and your assets may end up in the wrong hands. 

Before signing your Will please ensure that you read the instructions for signing your Will carefully, take your time, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


You will need two independent witnesses together at the same time; they must be over 18 years of age and can't be related to anyone mentioned in your Will, although they can be related to each other.  You should sign and date the Will in front of them, and they should then sign as Witnesses and complete their names and addresses.

We offer a free attestation service to check the Will has been correctly executed. It's important that your executors know where your Will is stored and if you store your Wills securely with us we will confirm that your Wills have been signed correctly and provide a storage certificate to share with your executors.  We'll also update the National Will register to show where your Will is stored.  

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How to sign your Will?

Sign and date your Will in front of two independent witnesses; they must be over 18, must see you sign the Will, and they can't be related to anyone mentioned in the Will. The witnesses should then both witness the Will in front of each other.

Who can be a Witness to me signing my Will?

You require two witnesses over 18 years of age who are capable of seeing you sign your Will. They must not be related to anyone mentioned in the Will- that includes related through blood, marriage or civil partnership 

Do my witnesses need to know the contents of  my Will?

Your witnesses don't need to know the contents of your Will, but they must understand that they are witnessing you sign your Will, and that you are happy with it's contents and not being coerced into signing it.  

What if I need to make changes to my Will?

If you want to make changes once you've already received your Will we advise you to contact us so that we can update your Will and issue new copies, hwoever you may make changes yourself, but If you wish to make any changes you must do so before signing the Will, and the changes must be signed by both yourself and your two witnesses; do not use correction fluid! - you cannot alter the document after it has been signed.  

What if I make a mistake signing my Will?

Unless the Will has been executed correctly the Will can fail so please don't take any risks. Accidents  do happen, so if you have made a mistake please contact us for a new copy of your Will. 

Mrs T.E. London

“When making my will my anxiety levels shot through the roof however I think I struck lucky with FMS Wills and Estate Planning, they made the whole process manageable and I started to feel confident and on top of what I was doing. Nothing was too much and their patience and expertise was amazing. Thank you so much FMS Wills and Estate Planning for the understanding and kindness you communicated throughout this whole process. I would highly recommend this service to everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Mrs A. Stevenage

"I found Family Money Savers very helpful everything was explained fully and clearly understandable. It was also done in a professional way we would recommend them
Thank you FMS Wills and Estate Planning for your work on our behalf"

Mr & Mrs H. Haverhill

“We did our Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys with Family Money Savers Ltd they made a very complicated looking job very easy by explaining everything very clearly and being very patient as we took so long to do everything, I highly recommend this company”
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